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A Vegan Foodie Who’s Favourite Food is Pizza

Charlotte Castle – Owner/Operator of Chew No Moo

After being vegan for about two years I wasn’t satisfied with the very limited amount of vegan pizzas on the market so I decided to make my own and hopefully others would want my pizzas too.

It took 11 months from conception of the idea to Chew no moo pizzas hitting their first shelf at Baldivis IGA, WA.

The aim for my pizzas is to create a tasty pizza that non vegans would also enjoy and find just as good as their pizzas. I tested every vegan mock meat and cheese on the market to find the very best for my gourmet pizzas.

I make my own pepperoni in the Animal Lovers pizza as I couldn’t find one I liked. My goal is for Chew no moo to be the First Nation Wide and International Australian made vegan pizza range.

I hope that having Chew no moo pizzas and Cheesy garlic breads on the market will help people who have been considering going vegan to make the transition

100% Plant Based

Chew No Moo is a Vegan Food Manufacturer with all ingredients for our products being 100% plant based.

Quality Vegan Food

We love providing delectable, quality vegan food options for vegans and non vegans to enjoy.

Made With Love

Chew No Moo is a small business with each of our products being hand made by a passionate vegan foodie.


The pumpkin and pine nut pizza is divine. Perfect for 2. I could taste the love in every mouthful. These pizzas need to be a staple in my life. Looking forward to when they are local in Yanchep!!!

Carlee Brook
Reviewed Chew no moo

These pizzas are everything

I never write reviews but THESE PIZZAS.. these pizzas are everything 👌Do yourself a favour a score yourself one right now! The pizza dough is better than at a lot of actual pizza places, I just love it so much ! Can't wait to try more!

Alessandra Gauvin
Recommends Chew no moo

Best vegan pizza

Just tried my second Chew No Moo pizza and again I have not been disappointed! In fact I can honestly say this is the best vegan pizza I have ever had! If you haven’t yet tried these pizzas, please do yourself a favour and try one stat!

Rebecca Williams
Recommends Chew no moo

Best pizza ever!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Just tried my first Chew no Moo pizza and it was amazing. I had the pumpkin, spinach and pine nuts. Also bought a Cajun Chicken so will be trying that next. Best pizza ever!!!

Tanya Worth
Facebook Review

This pizza has actually made my life!

Hands down the best pizza I have EVER had !! I’ve been so upset lately because I’m finding it so difficult to find good vegan food that is easily accessible, yet good quality ingredients & still tasty. This pizza has actually made my life !

Kelsey Save
Recommends Chew no moo

Best pizza I have ever had!

I love pizza. Like, I really, really love pizza. This is by far the best pizza I have ever had. Absolutely perfect in every way. I've tried the Cajun chicken and the bbq jackfruit and they were both amazeballs. I think I might actually be in shock. So. Fricken. Good. I simply lack the words to describe how in awe I am of these pizzas.

Tessa Martens
Facebook Review


Hey! I just wanted to say we’ve discovered your pizzas (at Brighton road supermarket) and they’re AMAZING! We had one last night + just had another one with the kids tonight. We’re a dairy, gluten free + vegetarian house, so your pizzas are an awesome weekend treat! Thank you

Fleur Renouf
Recommends Chew no moo


Wow! Tried my first Chew No Moo pizza tonight and wasn’t disappointed. You guys have got every aspect spot on, from flavours and just the right balance of toppings to the delicious base and even price point. Don’t think I’ll ever get a Dominos again.

Claire Gregory
Reviewed Chew no moo
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